Guest Stars.

Click on their names to read stories starring them.
Rambo: The Glaswegian that I convinced to marry me. He’s full of nonsense.
Little J: We’ve been friends since we were 1 year old. She’s a budding Opera superstar.
Piglet: My cousin that I just met and quickly became thick as thieves. It helps that we’re like the same person, somehow.
Kiwi: She’s from New Zealand! She studied abroad the same year as me, but spent the fall semester in Glasgow and the spring semester in Barcelona. She and I share a Zara obsession.
Fronzel: My brother. Probably one of the funniest people I know. Everyone thought he was my dad when I was younger because he’s 14 years older than me.
CanadiAnne: Studied abroad in Glasgow for one semester when I was there (but she lived with Leacy and Kiwi). She’s from Canada and says “Eh” a lot.
M.Stewart: Fronzel’s wife. All-around brilliant at all things domestic. I have yet to find something she can’t do. She’s also ridiculously smart.
Mom: Goes without saying – she’s my mom. And one of my best friends. She often gets dragged along to do whatever harebrained idea I’ve had.
C: We met in Berlin when she needed to borrow clothes and we were hotel roomies. Best friends since. She has a wayfaring soul like I do and we trade stories (Sex and the City-style) about the amazing places we’ve been and where we want to go next.
Leacy: Studied abroad in Glasgow for the whole year with me. She’s also from Canada, but doesn’t say “Eh” as much as CanadiAnne.
Elle: We went to university in Texas together and spent a summer in France together.
Tipsy: We lived together in London for three weeks back in 2009. Somehow we survived and have been good friends ever since. When I introduced her to Scotland, she deemed it a “magical place where anything is possible”! She’s recently gotten engaged to one of Rambo’s friends, so maybe she’ll move to live in this magical place with me!
SheBuffalo: One of my pals from university in Scotland. She’s from Cyprus and apparently really likes buffalos! She’s been slowly introducing me to Greek food (and language) which is super exciting for me!

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