About Me.

Hey there! My name is Ginger.2080c-dsc01410

I was born in South Louisiana and I lived in North Texas from 2000-2014. In February 2014, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia for a change of scenery. In October 2014 I moved across the Atlantic to Scotland to live in its most vibrant city, Glasgow!

I met my husband, Rambo, while I was in Scotland for a year doing a year-long student exchange my last year of university. I love to travel, to eat/make food, and photography.

In addition to English, my native tongue, I  speak French (I’m a bit rusty, but I’ve got a pretty good comprehension) and Spanish (Enough to get by in España for 2 weeks), and I’m currently learning Russian and wanting to learn Hungarian. If you speak Russian, and want a good laugh – ask me what I’ve learned so far!

I chose the name “A Wayfaring American” because I don’t want to lose my identity as an American. I am proud of where I come from and who we are. A wayfarer is a traveler or someone who goes on a journey. Since this was started primarily as a way for people back home to keep up with me in my life abroad, I thought that referring to myself as a wayfarer was pretty perfect!



What do you think?

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