Kcal Kitchen.

Something is in the air here in Glasgow. Glaswegians seem to be trading in their fried foods for healthy ones! As someone who is trying to eat healthier, it makes me very happy to see healthier options.

The newest one to open is called the Kcal Kitchen. I came for lunch last week with SheBuffalo and we have been talking about coming back since we took our first bites!


SheBuffalo chose the chicken and noodles (with zucchini/courgette noodles!); I had been dreaming of the protein mac and cheese (with chicken, of course) for about a week, so there was no question what I was going to get!


My protein mac and cheese was heavenly. It was rich and flavourful and did not taste like it was anything less than mac and cheese. SheBuffalo’s chicken and noodles was absolutely amazing. The flavour in it was 100% on point. It had a super rich flavour with some lovely kick of spice. I can’t even imagine that her lunch had 295 calories.

We obviously had to have dessert. When in Rome, eh? Both of us went for the protein waffles. SheBuffalo’s was topped with nutella* and banana; mine was topped with vanilla yogurt and summer berries.


*Not really nutella. It was a homemade sauce that was similar to nutella.

For both of us, my waffle with berries was much tastier. The knock-off nutella sauce didn’t have a very rich flavour, and the waffle just tasted a bit dry (like it needed more sauce or something). My summer berries waffle had so much sauce and fruit that I felt absolutely spoiled.

Kcal Kitchen is located at the corner of Wellington Street on West Regent Street (130 West Regent Street, to be exact). It’s one of those quaint basement restaurants. One wonderful feature that SheBuffalo and I enjoyed was the patio seating. It’s below street level, so you don’t necessarily feel like you are on the street (with people walking or cars driving just next to where your table is). However, you do still get lovely rays of sunshine (when it’s not raining)!


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