Street Food in Budapest

The most popular local street food in Budapest is definitely lángos. But on Kazinczy utca 18, you’ll find Street Food Karaván – where they have a selection of food truck-style kitchens where you can get so much more than that!

Of course, they have a lángos stand! But there’s also a grilled cheese shop called Paneer. As well as a burger shop (amongst other things!)

Rambo and I had the breaded cheese selection from Paneer – cheddar, mozzarella, smoked cheese, and camembert.

Then we had some lángos – we had previously tried a traditional lángos, so we branched out into the töltött (or stuffed). I went for the chicken paprikas while Rambo tried the grill sausage. Both of which were heaven!

We ended our trip to Karaván with some delicious popsicles from Popsi. Rambo went for mango and passionfruit – I went for chocolate and banana.


Have you been to Karaván? Have you had any of the amazing popsicles from Popsi?


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