Generator Paris.

When I was booking our rooms for our Eurotrip, this was one of the places I was most excited about. I stayed at Generator Hostels in Copenhagen and was thoroughly impressed. It was clean and modern and fun. So I was more than happy to book Tipsy and I in here. Which was a funny story in itself – convincing Tipsy that we wouldn’t be kidnapped, tortured and murdered by staying in a hostel!

I booked a private room with a balcony for our 3 nights in Paris. What I wasn’t expecting was that I booked us one of the Penthouse suites! Complete with our own balcony and hammock!

Generator Paris is super conveniently located for the Métro. They, of course, have the options of the dorms (bunk beds). The Penthouse was a nice wee treat for us to enjoy some nights in (relative) luxury! My only complaint was that the reception staff here seemed fairly incompetent. We ran into a problems with our keys being rejected because we had “checked out” and it was like banging our heads against a wall to get this resolved. (Granted, it was resolved relatively quickly. But the staff just sort of stared at us when we said we hadn’t checked out!)

We stayed in a private twin room for £67 (US$96/€85) per night, and the penthouse suite for £96(US$138/€122) per night. So it was definitely a splurge, but it was a nice wee treat for us! Alternatively, dorm beds are considerably cheaper options – but they do lack privacy, which is something that Tipsy was worried about.

-By the way, I was in no way paid for this. I just really liked our Penthouse suite!

Have you stayed with a Generator Hostel? What did you think?


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