Le Louvre.

In rather stereotypical fashion, I insisted that Tipsy and I spend at least a few hours at the Louvre to see some of the art at the world-famous museum. Having been once before, and knowing Paris in August, we arrived at the Louvre early in the morning. This is when the queues – for anything in Paris – are the shortest. The museum was obviously still ridiculously full. But we did enjoy some of the sights! I still love the Venus de Milo. Tipsy quickly fell head over heels for the Winged Victory of Samothrace – declaring her Tipsy’s spirit animal.

Not pictured: Mona Lisa. Obviously we saw it. I still maintain that it’s so much smaller than I expect. Also, the velvet rope and glass enclosure really take away some of the magic of it. But I totally get that it needs to be protected from the insane number of tourists that enter the museum.

This place is crazy big. We got lost so many times. My advice for tackling the Louvre is to go to the kind of art you like the best – either by country or type. I remember hearing some time ago that you could spend 6 months in the Louvre and still not take in all of the art they have. So prioritise what is important to you! Tipsy and I spent somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2.5 hours inside and were very happy with that.

Have you been to the Louvre? What did you think? What was your favourite piece?


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