Searching for the Fairy Pools.

This was a bit of a travel blunder. When Tipsy was coming to Scotland, I immediately thought about taking her to the Isle of Skye (an island I absolutely love) to see the Fairy Pools. I tried once before, with Rambo, to hike up to them, but we apparently didn’t hike far enough. So we didn’t get to see them.

Sadly. This time was not much better.

When Tipsy and I arrived at Glenbrittle to hike up to the Fairy Pools, it was a bit rainy. One of my friends later told me that it’s not called the Misty Isle for nothing!

We left the car in the parking lot and started our trek. Part of this trek involves crossing a few streams. Normally this is quite easy to do as there are large rocks that you can step on to get across. Unfortunately, when it been raining, the water level rises pretty quickly.

After hiking further than Rambo and I had done, Tipsy and I turned back when some other hikers told us that the water level was so high at the pools you couldn’t even see them properly. (Also, by this point, we were pretty wet. Even with waterproof jackets on.)

The streams turned into rivers while we’d been hiking, which led to very carefully trying to cross fast-moving rivers. I got swept up a bit in the first one, but was able to grab on to the bank and pull myself out. When we made it to the second one, we actually ended up hiking up the river a little trying to find a better crossing with a group of about 10 other people. I somehow was the dummy that tried to cross and barely made it to the other side without getting swept away. The others hiked further up and found another way to cross. We didn’t realise that this put us on a wee island! So then we still had to find a way to cross the main river. We ended up forming a human chain and pulling each other along and up onto the banks. (I got swept up again here, and had to be pulled to safety by one of the strangers we joined up with!)

So, I’ve still not seen the Fairy Pools, but I can warn future travellers to be very careful hiking here if the water is up. This was such a scary time for Tipsy and me. Tipsy and I should have turned back at the beginning as it was very unsafe to continue on our adventure. Getting swept up in the rivers was very scary for both of us and could have ended very badly, especially as phone signal is very poor here. I still don’t know how our phones, which were in our pockets, didn’t get completely ruined with water damage – although we did immediately buy a bag of rice and dumped our phones in there to try to save them.

Have you managed to make it to the Fairy Pools? What did you think? Were they as magical as they look? Have you had a major travel blunder like us?


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