Ildikó Konyhája

Rambo and I came to Ildikó Konyhája on our first trip to Budapest. Sadly, we were so hungry by the time we decided to eat here, we inhaled our food before we could snap any photos of it! So I was determined to come back and do this place justice. It was easy to convince Rambo, because it was one of his favourite places we ate at on our first trip to Budapest. In fact, last night he was dreaming up a way to try to make goulash like we had here at Ildikó at home.

The meat in the goulash (both the beef and the pork) was so incredibly tender and juicy. Both of us love that there is a wee pot of chili sauce (I have yet to figure out what on earth it is!) on the table for you to spice it up as you like it. Which usually means Rambo renders his inedible to me fairly quickly!

This is a cute little restaurant, with just a few tables. We’ve not had any trouble getting in the two times we came here though. It’s located on the Buda side of the Danube on Fő utca 8. The easiest way to explain it is to cross the Széchenyi Lánchíd (Chain Bridge) heading towards Buda Castle. When you get to the roundabout, take a right onto Fő utca. It’s just ahead on the left side! They are open from 11:30 until 22:00 everyday (the website says the hours are for April – January 31, so it might close for holidays for February and March).

Have you been here? What did you think?


What do you think?

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