Gargoyles in Paris.

One of the things I was anxious to do in Paris was to go up the towers of Notre Dame.


Tipsy and I arrived right as the Cathedral opened so that she could peek inside.



I just love the way the light moves around the cathedral. There’s so much natural light from the stained glass windows and they combine magically with the yellow glow of the chandeliers.

IMG_0918 IMG_0922

After a quick turn, we went to take our places in line for the towers a little over an hour before opening.


But first, we had to take a selfie.


When we joined the line, there weren’t too many people ahead of us. Our hour of waiting gave us plenty of time to enjoy a coffee and a crêpe from the café across the street (standing up in line, of course).


I’ve seen photos of Paris from the towers and was dying to see it for myself!


The towers, unlike the cathedral itself, has an entry fee. It costs €8.50 for adults. However, you have views of Paris that extend from the Eiffel Tower to the Central Business District to Montmarte and Sacre-Cœur.

IMG_0933 IMG_0935

To get up to the viewing platform, there are 422 stairs (mostly stone spiral staircases – Europeans back in the day did not build things to be easy for tourists in the present day). There’s no elevator or toilets, so be prepared for this.

IMG_0937 IMG_0941

I really enjoyed looking out at Paris past the gargoyles. It made Paris look even older and more iconic. Also, way more interesting!


You can even go looking for Quasimodo in the bell tower.

IMG_0945 IMG_0948

If you’re going in August (high season), I highly suggest planning on being in line at least an hour before it opens. The line for the towers is around the left side of the building (trust me, you can’t miss it if you get there within an hour of opening).


The towers are open from 10 AM everyday except New Year’s Day, May 1st and Christmas Day. The line moves relatively quickly, but getting there early is your best bet for a short wait time.


Have you been to Notre Dame? Did you go up the towers?


What do you think?

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