Champagne Friday’s. 

Tipsy knows how to celebrate a Friday. We were in Paris and it had started pouring down rain. So we popped into a café and ordered a few rounds of champagne.

After the rain died down, we journeyed on to dinner in the Marais. We settled in at Le Gai Moulin Bistro  and continued with our Champagne Friday celebrations with the La Vie en Rose champagne cocktail. (Something which will need to be recreated for you!)


For my appetizer, I went for the œuf cocotte au foie gras. It was a delightful little number with a baked egg underneath a slice of foie gras.

Tipsy was the most daring and went for the 6 escargots de Bourgogne.

These little suckers are ridiculously good. They have almost the consistency of mussels. They’re not chewy and the sauce is magical.

I was struggling a bit to get mine out!

Tipsy went for the Magret de Canard au Sirop d’Erable (Duck tenderloin with maple syrup). It was heavenly. The duck was tender and cooked wonderfully. It was still pink in the middle. And those mashed potatoes. Creamy and garlicky and fluffy. Parfait!

I went for the more classic steak-frites. It was a nice little rump steak that was cooked just to my liking (and how I asked). It came with a delightful bleu cheese sauce that made me very happy as well.



Not long after we got our entrées, two lovely American men sat at the table next to us (possibly at our insistence). We began chatting about our travels and France and food and invited them to join us on our Champagne Friday tradition. These lovely men proceeded to order a bottle of champagne and share it with us! Merci beaucoup Rich and Glen for sharing your evening and your champagne with us! 

*Not pictured: the tiramisu and moelleux au chocolat (molten chocolate cake). Both of which were heavenly, but there was apparently too much champagne had to remember to take photos!

Le Gai Moulin is a gem of a place. It is solidly on my list of places I am super excited about to visit again soon! It’s not too hard to find either. You’ll find them at 10 Rue Sainte-Merri (just around the corner from the Centre Pompidou). The best part is that they are open from 12 noon to 12 midnight every day. (None of that closing for the afternoon nonsense that is so common in Europe).

Have you been to Le Gai Moulin? Did you love it as much as Tipsy and me? Will you start celebrating Champagne (or any kind of bubbly, really) Fridays?


What do you think?

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