Federal Café

One of my favourite places for brunch is called Federal Café.

You might remember it from a while back when Kiwi took me, Leacy and CanadiAnne. When Tipsy and I landed in Barcelona at 1am on a Saturday night, I knew we had to get some brunch here on Sunday morning.

Obviously, we had to start with mimosas. Made with freshly-squeezed OJ.

I’ve been hearing a lot of wonderful things about shakshuka, so I had to have it.



It was wonderfully rich without being overly spicy. The eggs were super runny as well, so it was a nice combination of yolk and a rich tomato sauce.

Tipsy was dying to try the pan de fruta (fruit toast) with a thyme-honey butter. That butter was simply gorgeous.

Tipsy went for the bacon and crème fraîche and eggs. She was a happy camper and loved every bite. She didn’t even complain that it wasn’t American bacon!


I was brave and got the feta bruschetta with caramelised onions. I’m a well-known onion hater, so this was a big step for me. It was absolutely gorgeous. There was maybe a bit too much onion, but I’m sure a normal person would be super happy about it!

Have you been to Federal Café in Barcelona? Or maybe one of their other locations?


What do you think?

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