On Andrássy út, there is a small museum called Miniversum. It’s a miniature version of Hungary, Austria and Germany. When Rambo and I saw it on trip advisor, we decided it would be good for the upcoming rainy day that the MetOffice had been warning us about. We were in for such a surprise.

You begin your trip in Budapest, of course. Then you slowly work your way around the Hungarian countryside.


Not only is it actually quite massive, the attention to detail is incredible.


There are also scenes from life under communism spread throughout the museum. This one above is the pioneer camp that basically every child went to in the summer.


This is one of the lesser known invasions of Hungary: the alien invasion of 1923.


Not many people know that Hungary had dinosaurs until 1989.


Here starts Austria. 


This is the start of Germany.


Drive-in theatres in Germany were known for attracting visitors from far and wide. Some even travelled from as far as Tatooine.

Eventually you circle back around to Budapest and visit the zoo!


The Miniversum is also super tactile. There are buttons every few feet that control lights, movement and noises. Half of the fun of this museum is trying to find the slight movement or light that the button controls. Some of them are super hard to find and it is something small like a few chickens pecking around or a mini person giving cpr. (Tip: press and hold the buttons for lights and movement so that you can find them, they only light up or move while you’re pressing the button!) Rambo and I were both instantly transformed into giggling children trying to find the lights and movement.

The Miniversum costs 1900 HUF (about £4.50, $7 or €6) for adults, or 1300 HUF (£3, $4.75 or €4) for children.  It is open from 9am – 7pm Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am – 9pm Friday and Saturday. It is shut on Tuesdays from September – October 2015.

You can find Miniversum at Andrássy út 12 in Budapest, just a couple minutes walk from the Hungarian national opera or Saint Stephens Basilica. 

Have you been to Miniversum? Or maybe something similar? What did you think?


What do you think?

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