Handmade Burger Co.

“Burger Corner” (as its locally known) is the intersection of St Vincent Street and West Nile Street in Glasgow where several gourmet burger shops have opened within quick succession of each other. The last one to open was the Handmade Burger Co. It opened at 78 St Vincent Street.


Rambo got the blue cheese and bacon burger.

It was oozing with a rich blue cheese sauce that was creamy and not too strong. As a recent convert to blue cheese, I was impressed that it wasn’t too strongly flavoured.

I was also fairly impressed with the chips. We got the Denver chips which had a healthy coating of cheese with some pulled pork and bbq sauce. These were divisive. Rambo prefers skinny fries, so he wasn’t super keen on these. I enjoyed them. I thought the pork was decently tender (even if it did taste a little like liquid smoke was added to give the illusion of smoking it) and the bbq wasn’t overly sweet. We agreed that the chipotle sauce we got on the side was a pretty great accompaniment.

I got the Italian burger. It had “Mediterranean sausage” (which tasted like chorizo) as well as a hunk of mozzarella and pesto.

I was pretty happy. My only complaint was that the burger was incredibly tall. I’m not a huge fan of burger so tall you can’t fit them into your mouth.  That being said, I would happily go back again.


All in all, it was a good lunch. I’ve heard a lot of flack for Handmade Burger, and I have to say, I think it’s undeserved. I do think it is a bit on the pricey side (£10 for a burger is pretty steep for Glasgow), but that’s par for the course on Burger Corner. I think that if it weren’t on such a popular corner for burgers, it probably would be a lot busier.


What do you think?

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