Pesti Disznó Bisztró.

This was one of the restaurants that Rambo and I ate at a few years ago when we first came to Budapest. Sadly, we inhaled all of the yummy food before any photos were taken. When we decided to come back to Budapest this year, we agreed this was at the top of our list.

Pesti Disznó means Pest Pig. As in a pig from the Pest side of the city. It specialises in delicious roast pork dishes. It’s so yummy, it was entered into the Michelin guide this year!

Both of us were quite hungry, so we split a starter. Of course Rambo wanted the mixed appetizer for 2. Which meant we got: sausage, salami, liver pâté, greaves and some salad. Greaves are delicious little morsels of fried goose fat. Similar to the idea of cracklins or pork scratchings…but made from geese. They are also a bit softer. They aren’t fried to complete crunch, which gives them a crunchy outside with a smooth and rich inside.

Rambo got the Hungarian Mangalitza Stew with homemade dumplings.

Mangalitza is a special Hungarian pork. The pork in this stew was delightfully tender. I mean, melt in your mouth like butter. The stew is flavoured with paprika like most Hungarian dishes, and has such depth of flavour. The dumplings are similar to German spaetzle. Which is one of my favourite side dishes ever.

“It was tasty” was the quote from Rambo.

I got the roasted pork spare rib with crispy onions, spicy potatoes and bbq sauce.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I’ve never been served ribs in this fashion. Rambo pointed out that it looked more like a rack of lamb than anything he’d ever seen. (A sentiment I agreed with.) The crispy onions acted as a tasty crust. There was something sweet that was used for the binding agent to stick the crispy onions to. I couldn’t quite place what it was, but it was delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet as to overpower the pork, but instead to complement it perfectly. The spicy potatoes were just seasoned wedges, but they were also on point. Crispy outside with smooth and fluffy inside. The bbq sauce was a little sweet for me, but it was tasty. My comment to Rambo was that it wasn’t too bad for being so far away from bbq country!

We were both incredibly keen for dessert after our long day of travelling and sightseeing, but we couldn’t agree on one. So we got two and didn’t share!

Rambo got the sponge cake with rum chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

“How was it?” -me. “Tasty”-Rambo.

After some prodding, he says that it was moist, but surprisingly light. There rum soaked sultanas that were really great.

I went for the sweet cottage cheese dumplings with vanilla mascarpone mousse and fresh fruits.

The dumplings were warm. Which I was a little surprised by. But they were also dense. Which I found interesting as well. They weren’t overly sweet (to my American taste buds), but the fruit and mousse made up for that. The mousse was pretty spectacular. I’m always happy when the vanilla flavouring comes through in things. I hate when it’s advertised, but not very present on your palate. I also enjoyed the red currants and their delightful pop of flavour.

They also make their own sodas (fruit flavours, some of which are homemade, with soda) that are delicious. Rambo had the homemade orangina and the raspberry sodas. He liked the raspberry just a little bit better. I had the sour cherry soda which was heavenly. It wasn’t very tart, but I preferred it that way. It was perfectly refreshing on a warm summer day.

I cannot recommend Pesti Disznó enough. If you’re in Budapest, you will not regret coming here for dinner. You can find Pesti Disznó at Nagymező utca 19. 1065 Budapest. It fills up pretty well every night, so you might want to pop by or phone up (+36 1 951 4061) for a table if you’re going at the weekend.

Have you been to Pesti Disznó? What did you think?


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