Not far from Munich is the beautiful Lake Chiemsee (Kim-zee).


It’s a lake that was formed by a glacier eons ago. It sits at the base of the Bavarian side of the Alps.


Which means that from every part of the lake (and the islands on it) you have these stunning views of the Alps.

Fraueninsel Fraueninsel

We went to the Ladies’ Island on Chiemsee (Fraueninsel or Frauenchiemsee). Fraueninsel is a special little island. It’s home to a convent, called Frauenwörth, dating back to 782! As an American, it is just so incredible to stand inside buildings that have existed for longer than anyone knew my country even existed.


Another reason Fraueninsel is special is that there are no cars. The island is quite small, but there are some 300 people who live here.


Every summer, this island is renowned for the hanging geraniums. I was here just before the last risk of a cold snap, so there weren’t too many out.


There’s a small church that is part of the convent that is so precious. It’s quite small, and there’s a small graveyard just out front that was quite interesting to walk through.


FraueninselFraueninselFraueninselFraueninsel Fraueninsel Fraueninsel Fraueninsel Fraueninsel Fraueninsel Fraueninsel Fraueninsel

People from all over the area come to Fraueninsel to visit this church and ask Irmengard to help them in their time of need. When their prayers are answered, they send thank you notes to the church.


On Fraueninsel, there are these traditional Bavarian fish sandwiches called Fischsemmel. Now you can get Fischsemmel all over Bavaria, but none like here on Fraueninsel. These are made with a fish called Renke that is caught by local fishermen on Lake Chiemsee and is extremely difficult to get anywhere but this island.


After our Fischsemmel, we walked around the island for a while and stumbled upon these trees. I can’t remember the exact date, but these trees are ridiculously old. Like older than my country.



After leaving Fraueninsel, we drove along to Ratzingerhöhe and took some photos looking back to Lake Chiemsee and Fraueninsel.

Fraueninsel Fraueninsel Fraueninsel

Have you been to Fraueninsel or Lake Chiemsee?


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