The official name of this church is St. Johann Nepomuk, but it’s commonly known as Asamkirche or Asam Church.

AsamkircheThe common name refers to Egid Quirin Asam and Cosmas Damian Asam, who were brothers that had this church built in the mid 1700s. They had intended for it to be private, but the community forced them to make it public.


It’s very…gaudy. I think that’s the polite way to say it. That being said, it does stand out in your memory distinctly. No matter how many churches you’ve been to!


Styled in the late Baroque – Rococo fashion, there is so much gild and interesting details that you are almost overwhelmed by it all. I sat down for 15 minutes just to try to absorb it all.

Asamkirche Like most of Munich, Asamkirche was partially destroyed by Allied bombs in World War 2. The church underwent a major restoration from 1975-1983.


Asamkirche is located at Sendlinger Strasse 32 in Munich. Trust me, you can’t miss the Baroque building style. It stands out against its neighbouring buildings.

Have you been to Asamkirche? Do you like the Baroque or Rococo style?


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