Bank on College Green.

The Bank on College Green is a restaurant just across from Trinity College. I was initially intrigued by the building since it was a bank that had been refurbished into a restaurant. Also, it’s one of few Scottish sandstone buildings in Dublin, making it look like it’s something special.

Bank on College Green. Dublin.

Bank on College Green. Dublin.

The bank was from the Belfast Banking Company. It was built in 1892 and opened in 1895. Very little has changed in the outward appearance since. I love how cities in Europe repurpose old buildings. I think it is part of what makes a trip to Europe so wonderful – you can see what the city used to look like, and how it has changed.Bank on College Green. Dublin.I wish I had known you can wander around and have a wee nosy in the vaults downstairs where they have original Chatwood safes.

Bank on College Green. Dublin.I was here just about half an hour, and spent nearly every minute gawking at the stunning room. I was trying to imagine being a (well-off) woman in the early 20th century and this being my local bank. I was honestly just in awe that people made a bank that was so beautiful. But I guess they made every building (deemed worthy of the upper-class) equally as beautiful in those days.

Bank on College Green. Dublin.

Sausages and mash at Bank on College Green

I popped in for lunch and had the Pork & O’Hara Stout sausages with mash and gravy. It was good, helped in no small part by the gorgeous surroundings. At €13, it was pretty on par for lunch in the area. I left very happy and full!

Bank on College Green. Dublin.

This would be the perfect place to meet up with someone, either for lunch or a wee cocktail as their bar offerings are pretty extensive. The Bank on College Green is open from 11am every day. You can find it at 20-22 College Green.

Thanks to MeetingsBooker for popping me a wee email asking what my favourite meeting place in Dublin would be!

Have you been to The Bank on College Green? What do you think of the repurposing of old buildings?


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