Burgers and Milkshakes.

Having just landed in Dublin, I decided to keep things close to the hostel for supper on my first night in Dublin. Just a few blocks away was a burger joint called The Counter. Turns out its an international chain, which is something I’ve only just learned upon doing some googling.

 Not that that matters. Because this was such a cool experience.      

They have a menu of set burgers, but then they go a bit crazy and give you the option of building your own. Which is something that just spoke straight to my heart stomach.

 I went for the bison burger with smoked Gouda, mixed greens, sun dried tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms. Plus I got an array of sauces to try.

 I had the roasted garlic aioli, honey mustard and I think the sweet sriracha. As a self-proclaimed garlic fiend, I absolutely loved the roasted garlic aioli. The other two were quite good, but not quite like the aioli.

  I decided to go a bit crazy and get a dessert. There’s just something so natural about a burger and a milkshake.  When I saw they had a birthday cake flavour, I was convinced. And it was amazing. I quite happily ate nearly all of it (making myself feel rather sick).

The Counter has two locations in Dublin (in addition to their international locations in the States and Saudi Arabia). I went to the one at 20 Suffolk Street, not far from Trinity University. The burger was pretty expensive, largely because I opted for the more expensive meat option. That plus the milkshake and a diet coke (since I wasn’t planning on even having dessert) put me at €25. But it was well spent.


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