Bier Halle.

One of the more popular pizza joints in Glasgow is the Bier Halle.

Bier Halle Pizza

I stuck with my tried and true favourite: the Hoi Sin Duck Pizza.

Bier Halle Hoi Sin Duck Pizza Bier Halle Hoi Sin Duck Pizza

Mom tried the Florentine (which is also amazing). Mom agreed that there’s something magical about the egg in the middle of the pizza.

Bier Halle Florentine Pizza Bier Halle Florentine Pizza

The pizza is on the more expensive side, but they do the most amazing deal everyday to draw you in. 2 pizzas for the price of 1, as long as the both of you get a drink. Whether it’s one of their hundreds of different beers or just a coke.

It’s smack dab in the centre of town, just off the main shopping streets. Located at 7-9 Gordon Street. It’s underground, so be on the lookout for a doorway just next to the travel agency that leads you downstairs to pizza heaven! Because it’s downstairs, there’s no good phone service. Also, they only take cash, so stop at the cash machine before you get there!


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