You know that old saying?

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl.


I just have a need to eat Mexican food. It’s pretty much my favourite food group! I’m always on the lookout for Mexican restaurants that pop up here in Glasgow. Luckily, Topolabamba opened up a few months back and it is hands-down my favourite Mexican restaurant in Glasgow.

It is set up tapas-style, where you order a bunch of plates and have a little of everything. Which is even better when you have a group of people who are all willing to share! Rambo and I took my mom and his sister out one night to enjoy some yummy tapas.

There were jalapeño poppers.

Topolabamba jalapeno poppers

Pork pibil tacos. These are maybe my favourite. I get them each time because I just love them.

Topolabamba Pork Pibil taco

Chicken tinga tacos.

Topolabamba chicken tinga tacos

Homemade chorizo taquitos.

Topolabamba chorizo taquito

Barbecue beef (AKA Barbacoa or beef of the gods) and crumbly cheese taquitos.

topolabamba barbacoa taquito

Pasilla king prawn tacos. Which were the biggest prawns Rambo’s sister had ever seen. (Fairly normal sized for us Americans though).

Topolabamba pasilla king prawn tacos

Chargrilled flat-iron steak. The peanut mole sauce with this was phenomenal.

Topolabamba chargrilled flat iron steak

Albóndigas con Cascabel. AKA the best meatballs ever in the yummiest sauce.

Topolabamba albóndigas

Pescado empapelado. Or fish baked Oaxacan-style in parchment paper. It had mole sauce inside the parchment which was wonderfully spicy and sweet.

Topolabamba pescado empapelado

Habanero chicken wings. Which were hot, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. They were really enjoyable.

Topolabamba habanero wings

Chicken Mole enchilada. This was surprisingly good. Although, it wasn’t an enchilada in the tex-mex sense. It wasn’t very saucy at all. But super good.

Topolabamba chicken mole enchilada

Smoked chicken and anaheim chili taquitos. (Apparently gobbled up before a photo!) They look exactly like the barbacoa and chorizo taquitos, though.

Fried fish tacos.

Topolabamba fried fish tacos

After all of that, we still managed to have some chocolate and chili ice cream. The ice cream had a nice slow burn. Rambo really quite enjoyed it.

Topolabamba chocolate chilli ice cream

And churros, of course. With a magical chocolate sauce, as it should be.

Topolabamba churros with chocolate sauce Topolabamba churros with chocolate sauce Topolabamba churros with chocolate sauce

Topolabamba is smack in the city centre and definitely worth a visit! They are located at 89 St Vincent Street (at the corner of Renfield Street). You don’t have to book, but it’s a good idea because they can get quite busy.


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