London Streets.

We planned on spending the day going up to the Tower Bridge Walkways and The Monument to the Great Fire of London. But when we exited the Tube at Tower Hill, the fog was so heavy you could barely see the tops of buildings.

The Shard in fog Tower of London Ginger and Rambo at Tower Bridge Gate to the Thames

After snapping a few photos of the Tower and the Bridge, we wandered in the general direction of 221B Baker Street.

flower street art, London, England public restrooms in London London, England

You might recognize Leadenhall Market from its cameo in Harry Potter as Diagon Alley. (Sorry for not taking you Mom, I didn’t realize where it was until now!)

Leadenhall Market

Then we had a lovely view of the Gherkin poking through the buildings.

The Gherkin, London, England London Tube Tiles Beatles store, London

Most people will recognize the famous address of 221B Baker Street as the home of Sherlock Holmes. It currently houses a museum to the fictional sleuth which M. Stewart  loved when she was in London last year. It was the one thing in London that she recommended I check out.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sadly, the queue was already quite long and not moving by 10:30am. So, we’re going to go back and check it out first thing one morning on our next trip to London. My advice if you want to check it out is to be there early.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

After ditching Sherlock Holmes, we walked down to Selfridges. I’ve recently gotten into the show on itv called Mr. Selfridge – which is a fun drama about the start of the store. And I was dying to see the grandeur of it for myself.


There is a great deal of care and effort that was put into this building all those years ago that are still visible today. So it was well worth the trip!


What you’ve heard about the prices are mostly true. There were a huge number of things that were absurdly priced (£40 for a candle anyone?), but there were a few good deals to be had. We got a Breaking Bad bobblehead for a friend and a couple of cookbooks for about £25.

Selfridges Selfridges

After Selfridges, we wandered down to Covent Garden to check out their chat. I’m not gonna lie, I was super excited they still had all of their Christmas decorations up! The ornaments hanging up from the ceiling are beautiful.

Covent Garden

I was super keen to finally introduce Rambo to Shake Shack. Lucky for us, the one in Covent Garden is amazing and doesn’t have massive queues! Rambo agreed that it was delicious and that it would have been worth the wait in New York.

Covent Garden Covent Garden Covent Garden

After great debate about doing a bit of shopping in Covent Garden, we decided to head back and grab our bags to leave. Sadly, our long weekend in London was over and it was time for us to catch our train back to Glasgow.

Covent Garden

I hope you enjoyed joining us for our walk around London! We sure did! Admittedly, we were both pooped at the end of the day and relished the chance to sit down on the train for 5 hours back home!


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