British Museum.

British Museum

One of the greatest museums in Britain is located near the center of London. The British Museum is absolutely massive and houses so many artifacts that are unavailable in other museums.

Rotunda in the British Museum

It also has the gorgeous rotunda.

Rotunda in the British Museum

One of the more controversial parts of the museum is the Elgin Marbles. But when you go, don’t look for any marbles. There has been much international debate between Britain and Greece about who should own them. They were brought back to London by Lord Elgin after his service as ambassador was finished.

Lord Elgin's Marbles Lord Elgin's Marbles Lord Elgin's Marbles Lord Elgin's Marbles Lord Elgin's Marbles Lord Elgin's Marbles Lord Elgin's Marbles

The British Museum is massive like the Louvre (but obviously not quite as big). So, I suggest looking at the maps and deciding what you want to see and heading that way. We started ancient Britain and found quite a lot of religious artifacts.

golden cup at British Museum decorative cross at British Museum

These intricate chess pieces were discovered on an island in Scotland.

chess pieces at British Museum small figurines at British Museum

Apparently, not that long ago, a medieval ship-burial was discovered in a town called Sutton Hoo. Rambo was very excited by the prospect of finally seeing the loot from Sutton Hoo.

Sutton Hoo at British Museum Sutton Hoo at British Museum

Beyond the exhibit from Sutton Hoo, there is the area for Roman Britain. I was impressed with the mosaics.

mosaic at British Museum statue heads at British Museum

Also, how cool are coins from Roman Britain?

ancient coins at British Museum ancient text at British Museumancient coins at British Museum sword sheath at British Museum golden capelet at British Museum mosaic at British Museum

We walked through the clocks and money section. This clock keeps time according to how long it takes the wee ball to travel through the tracks which takes about 20 seconds.

clock at British Museum

These were examples of forged money. It’s kinda cool to see how off the fake money looks, but how you might not realize it if you aren’t paying attention.

forgery coins at British Museum

Then they have examples of money from way back in the day. Here’s an example of really old British pounds.

defunct money at British Museum

These are coins from every sovereign nation in the world today.

money of the world at British Museum

Then they have money from communist countries, like Cuba.

communist money at British Museum money at British Museum

They have an example of the 500 million Deutsch marks.

deutsch marks at British Museum

And some money from the former Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakian money at British Museum

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you might remember the Christmas Special when Donna pulls lots of money out of a cash machine. The Bank of England has very strict regulations on printing fake money, so they actually had to manufacture money that was entirely different. Hence, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) being the face of the Ten Satsuma note.

Doctor Who at British Museum

Another of the artifacts that Rambo was excited about was Meroë’s Head of Augustus.

Meroë Head of Augustus

We agreed he was a bit creepy.

Afterwards, we went to see the Easter Island statue.

Easter Island at British Museum

After seeing the Easter Island head, we went upstairs to the Japanese and Chinese areas. I liked this guy.

chinese buddha at British Museum

And I really enjoyed the Chinese pottery. The British Museum has a massive collection of Chinese Pottery. Like, they have an entire room dedicated to them.

chinese pottery at British Museum chinese pottery at British Museum chinese pottery at British Museum

If you haven’t been to the British Museum, you should check it out ASAP. It’s free, and right in the heart of London (not far from Tottenham Court Road station, but there are three others that are equidistant to Tottenham Court Road). Just make sure you give yourself at least a whole half-day to wander around (we ended up leaving to get Chipotle for lunch and then going back and spending nearly the whole afternoon there).

Have you been to the British Museum?


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