DF Mexico and Old Spitalfields Market.

DF Mexico was opened by the same people of Wahaca (which is one of my favourite Mexican restaurants in Britain). Unlike Wahaca’s tapas-style menu, DF Mexico is designed for a one-plate meal.

IMG_0355 IMG_0354 IMG_0350

Nearly all of us opted for the torta, or sandwich, option with various fillings. I had the chili con carne with cowgirl beans.

IMG_0351 IMG_0352

Rambo went for the pork pibil torta with the chili fries. His cousin went for the crumbed cod torta with roasted corn. His girlfriend got the veggie nachos. (I wasn’t lucky enough to get any snaps of those before they were devoured.) I did get to taste the pork pibil torta and the chili fries and they were both amazing. I’m a bit of a sucker for pork pibil anything though. The chili fries are super delish. The chili salt isn’t too spicy that it burns your mouth. And the chipotle mayo they serve with it is so good.

One of the cool things DF Mexico does is unlimited refills on drinks (they’re self-serve). You can get  all of the horchata, hibiscus, lime and chia juice or a soda for £2.30. Which is pretty awesome. As an American, I’m always a bit excited to find free refills anywhere.


After our tortas were demolished, we went off to the Old Spitalfields Market to do a bit of shopping.


This market is pretty cool because it has a base of permanent restaurants and shops that line the outside with the stalls filling the middle area. This also means that the stalls are covered by a glass ceiling so you can easily shop regardless of the weather.

IMG_0356 IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0359

We made a pretty good haul at Spitalfields. For about £70 we got a 100 year old map of Scotland, 3 new tshirts for Rambo, and an owl necklace that is really a watch for me.


Have you been to DF Mexico yet? I heard a rumor it was a pop-up restaurant that might not be around for much longer.

How about Spitalfields? Have you had any good finds there?


What do you think?

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