Tiki Bar.

Glasgow is pretty well known for having terrible weather. It’s generally on the cooler side and quite rainy. Most Glaswegians dream about their holidays sitting on a beach somewhere warm. Usually the only requirement among my husband and friends for a holiday location is sunshine and sand. Since we can’t always be on holiday, we have a Tiki Bar to hold us off through the cold and rainy winters.


The Tiki Bar is one of the basement level night clubs on Bath Street. You know you’re at the right place when you see the Easter Island heads! Upstairs is a Thai restaurant that neither Rambo nor I have been to yet.


The menu has grown since I was last there! So many cocktails!


They are mostly run based cocktails, obvi.


The exciting part is the tiny umbrellas, of course! Rambo started with a passionfruit Zombie.


I started with a PiYi! (Mostly because it is fun to say!)


The place is pretty dark. But it’s also usually quite busy. Unless you go on a Wednesday night, apparently!

IMG_0203 IMG_0201


I went for the Rumbongo (on the right) while Rambo went for the Mai Tai (on the left).


Fancy a drink?


What do you think?

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