Bread Meats Bread.

Hands-down one of the cleverest restaurant names I’ve heard in a while, Bread Meats Bread makes some of the yummiest burgers I’ve ever had. Rambo says this is one of the newer burger joints to open up here in Glasgow. I met him in town for lunch after his classes were done for the day, because a place with a name like this needs to be appreciated.


We went in a little after 2pm and the place was heaving! There were exactly two empty chairs that we grabbed. (The people who walked in right after us had to stand around and wait for something to open up!)

I went for the Scotalian burger. It’s one of their “Red Label” burgers which has a mix of prime Scotch beef and spicy Sicilian N’Duja sausage. (Which might have largely been why I insisted we go ASAP.) The Scotalian has bacon, extra N’Duja, mascarpone, pepper relish, tomatoes and basil. My burger was basically what dreams are made of.


Rambo got the Caribbean burger, which is a Red Label burger with caramelised sweet potato fries, tobacco onions and jerk sauce. He quite happily nommed his burger until it was all gone.

We were torn between bacon chips and poutine… Everyone around us had poutine, so we decided the poutine could wait until we came again. (Since we were already certain there would be many return trips in the future!) The Bacon Chips come with cayenne, bacon and a delicious beefy Sriracha mayo. Rambo also got the scotchbonnaise (Scotch Bonnet mayo) to dip.


OMG BACON. I loved the beefy Sriracha mayo that came on the bacon chips, but Rambo preferred the Scotchbonnaise since it was a bit hotter. (Of course!)

I think next time we’re defo getting the poutine (which is totally customizable) and the grilled cheese with pastrami.

If you’re in Glasgow and you haven’t been here yet, you really should. Rambo and I were discussing on our way out that while we’re excited for the Five Guys to open up this month, the quality of Bread Meats Bread was indeed superior.


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