Victory Sandwiches.

One of my workmates has been telling me about Victory Sandwiches for about a month.


I finally made my way to Downtown Decatur to check them out.


I love that they gave all of their sandwiches clever names! The guy at the counter told me that the sandwiches are pretty small, so most people get two.


I was torn between several sandwiches, so he asked if I liked spicy food. When I said yes, he wholeheartedly recommended the Tea Bird.


The Tea Bird has a slow and steady burn to it. I was a little nervous about the ghost pepper jack, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The sweet tea mayo is quite sweet and balanced against the ghost pepper jack.


In lieu of a second sandwich, I opted for the pimento jar. Victory tops their jar of pimento cheese with bacon jam, which gives it a sweetness that is hard to resist. Plus chunks of bacon….which makes everything better, eh?


I would defo get the pimento jar again – but probably only if I had someone to split it with. I’m excited to go back and get more sandwiches though! One of the things that Victory is famous for is their Jack and Coke slushies. My workmate tells me they are amazing. I’ll have to investigate one night!


What do you think?

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