Fork in the Road.

Inside one of the sad malls of DeKalb exists some of the most delicious fried chicken you will ever taste. (Luckily, you don’t actually have to go in to the mall, as they have their own door.) Fork in the Road knows how to fry some chicken. Some of M. Stewart and Fronzel’s friends introduced us to this place a few months back, and we haven’t looked back since!

I opted for the 4 chicken tenders with some sweet potato fries.


My advice is to always get less than you think you want, because they always give you 1-2 extra tenders. You also get to pick your dipping sauce (out of a list of like 30). I always go for the chipotle dip. It’s creamy and delicious. Another favorite is the chipotle BBQ.


The sweet potato fries are pretty much like heaven. I like that they are thin fries and that they are unseasoned (i.e. not dusted with cinnamon sugar). The batter on the chicken is very airy. I’m not sure what seasonings they use in the batter, but it works. It’s not spicy (and there’s not really an option for it) but very flavorful and delicious. One of the starters that they have is a basket of fresh pork rinds. These babies come out to the table cracklin’.

Next time you’re near Northlake Mall, check out Fork in the Road. You won’t be disappointed.


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