Taqueria del Sol.


Taqueria del Sol was one of the first places M.Stewart introduced me to when I first visited Atlanta back in 2008. Quite rightly, she assumed that living in Texas had made me fall in love with tacos. But Taqueria del Sol is not your average taco. Their tacos would not be widely recognized as “normal” street tacos, but they are delicious.


They have an amazing patio area (which more than doubles their seating) that they open when the weather is lovely.

IMG_0006 IMG_0011

One of my favorite things in the whole world is queso. Dipping something in melty cheese is like a gift from above. Taqueria’s queso has jalapeños in it. Which is a nice kick to normal queso!

Queso chips and queso

They have a base menu of about 5 different kinds of tacos, plus a weekly special. Today, I went for 2 of their regular tacos.


First up: Fried Fish with jalapeños and poblano tartar sauce.

fish taco

Then the Fried Chicken taco with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and lime jalapeño mayo.

fried chicken taco

I love their spicy queso. The chips are a little lackluster, but I kinda like it that way. I’m glad they don’t overpower the queso. And with enough queso, anything is delicious! The fried chicken taco has a very light breading on it, which is delightful. I wouldn’t want a thick-battered chicken finger in the taco. The fish taco has a thicker batter, but still not like fish and chips. I love the poblano tartar sauce.

Taqueria del Sol is one of my favorite taco joints I’ve been to. They just get it right. Every time. Best of all, they are cheap. Each taco runs about $2.50 and the queso about $4. They do have funny hours, so check online before you head out to see the weekly special while you’re on the website!

If you go when they have the al pastor tacos, get those immediately. In fact, if you see them on the website, get your butt over there and get some.


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