The Sun Dial.

After getting our fill of Coke at the World of Coke, C and I went over to the Sun Dial Bar. At the top of the Westin Hotel in downtown Atlanta sits the Sun Dial Restaurant and Bar, the only three-level revolving dining complex in Atlanta. If you’re planning on going to the bar, pay attention to when they open or you might be sitting in the lobby looking up at this view for a minute.


Promptly at 4pm, we went over to the glass elevators ready to be whisked 723 feet into the air to the bar. Don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights!

One of the Atlanta sights I’ve been dying to see is the Olympic Rings. Check! (Now to just see them from a bit closer!)


The bar tables are set on a ring that rotates (really quite slowly) while the middle bar area stays immobile. Obviously we opted for a table with comfy chairs to enjoy the view (and wait for rush hour to end). I think it takes about half an hour to make a full-revolution and view the entire skyline.

IMG_2143 IMG_2144 IMG_2145  IMG_2147

In order to fully embrace our surroundings, we started with some drinks! C started with the Strawberry Caipiroska (which was hands-down the most delicious cocktail). The caipiroska is similar to a caipirinha, but made with vodka instead of cachaça.


While I opted to hold on to summer a bit longer with a Watermelon Mojito. Mine was good, but not nearly as good as the Caipiroska.


We decided to balance the alcohol with a few nibbles and got some hummus (served with hard pitas that none of us were keen on), delicious bleu cheese chips (homemade potato chips with bleu cheese dressing) and the most delicious lobster mac and cheese. The bleu cheese chips were simple, but very tasty. I am normally not a big fan of lobster (so I usually avoid it), but the lobster in the mac and cheese was shredded so you had a little bit in every bite. We burned our mouths on the lobster mac because it was too good for us to wait!


C and I had a blast at the Sun Dial Bar. For sure get the lobster mac and the strawberry caipiroska when you go. Honestly, pass on the hummus. Be prepared to open your wallet though, the Sun Dial is pretty pricey (the cocktails were $14 each). The views are pretty awesome though.


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