Alba Osteria.

One of the restaurants that just kept popping up on yelp for us was Alba Osteria. It was (rather conveniently) just a few blocks up from our B&B and so we decided there must be something about this place worthy of checking out. We looked up the Restaurant Week menu and decided to make it our last supper in DC.

Piglet and Julia started with wine, while I went for the delicious L’Alba cocktail. (Mine won).


Our server, Ben, was amazing and beyond helpful. Not only did he describe (in great detail) the wines the Piglet and Julia got, but he helped them pick their wines and our starters. Here are our starters:


Robiola allo Speck
(Robiola Cheese, Speck and Fries with Garlic Sauce)


Birille di Carne (Fried Lamb and Beef Meatballs with Onion, Mint, Spices and Bagnetto Ross)


(Swiss Chard and Ricotta Dumplings with Butter, Sage and Parmigiano Reggiano)


Ben was kind enough to bring us some sharing plates so we could share all of them.

We all agreed that the robiola and the birilles were the best.


For our mains:


Pollo all Albese
(Amish Chicken with Ham, Artichokes, Truffle and Dijon)


Agnolotti al Brasato
(Braised Beef stuffed pasta with Beef Jus, Bone Marrow and Parmigiano Reggiano)


Filetto alla Piemontese
(Beef Tenderloin with Fontina, Porcini, Marsala and Potato Subric)


For me, the filetto and the agnolloti were far and away the best. I found the chicken a little boring and plain in comparison. Julia and Piglet didn’t share my views on the chicken and thought it was on the same level as the filetto and agnolloti.


Julia was looking at her last bite with such sadness because she “just doesn’t want it to end!”


For our dessert round, we simply couldn’t choose (and Ben had done such an amazing job with picking things for us), so we decided to give Ben complete control over our desserts.

Oh boy did he not let us down.


Torta Gianduja (Hazelnut Gianduja Cake with Apricot Marmellata, Vanilla Gelato, and Hot Chocolate)


Polenta Bianca (Snow White Polenta with Crunchy Caramel and Chocolate Gelato)


Coppa di Torino (Robiola Gelato with Prosciutto, Peaches, Amaretto Cookie and Peach Vodka)


Piglet’s favorite was the chocolate cake, but Julia and I agreed that the chocolate cake was just a little too heavy for us. We preferred the polenta and the robiola gelato. We had a funny moment as Julia and I were getting into the gelato when the assistant general manager walked up to check on us. Piglet was kind enough to talk to him, Julia and I were too focused on the gelato. Everyone had a giggle when he was mid-sentence and Julia whispered with excitement that there were real peaches inside the gelato!


As Julia and Piglet got another glass of wine, I decided to mix it up and bit and let Ben make a cocktail for me. He came back with this gorgeous cucumbertini for me. It was light and refreshing and delicious.

All of us agreed that Alba Osteria was far and away the best meal we had in DC. Ben was an excellent server and gave us the most delicious recommendations. The food on its own was superb. This was a first for all of us, trying food from the Piemonte region, and I think Piemonte found three new fans of their cuisine. At one point we joked that we had found a new religion in the food at Alba Osteria.



  1. That sounds (and looks) amazing! Another place I’ll have to visit when coming back to D.C. (I’ll have a full itinerary when being finished with reading all your D.C. posts 😀 )

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