Mt. Vernon Square Bed and Breakfast.

Piglet is hereby crowned the queen of booking. Within hours of deciding we were going to the nation’s capital for vacation, Piglet emailed me the link to this quaint bed and breakfast asking if I loved it too. The main points that I look for in a place are: proximity to touristy things, free wifi (because I’m paying for the room, it’s ridiculous for me to have to pay for wifi too), fridge availability and parking (preferably free, but I don’t mind paying a small amount). When I saw that Mt. Vernon Square Bed and Breakfast ticked all of the boxes, I emailed her back.

Obviously, the answer was yes. We ended up selecting the Bombay Room from the rooms available because we loved the seating, mini fridge and gorgeous en-suite bathroom.


After booking our room, we received an email from Keith (the amazing owner) asking us questions about when we would arrive and what we liked for breakfast. (OMG. Don’t let me forget to tell you about the breakfast!) From the get-go, we knew we were in for a treat.

There is a metro stop (and a bicycle share rack, if you’re feeling brave) located about three blocks up from the B&B. We hopped on the metro about once a day to get us to the furthest destination on our list for the day, and then walked our way back. Our B&B was about a 20 minute walk from the main sites (Union Station and the National Mall).

Ok, so let me tell you about these breakfasts. Not only are they awesome because they’re included in the cost of the room, but they are also homemade. The dining room has a gorgeous (and enormous) table that everyone sits down to eat at 8:30. You start off with a lovely plate of fruit, and then Keith brings out the main breakfast food which was served up family-style. Everyday we had the most amazing soft-scrambled eggs with cheese and sometimes mushrooms, then we had some kind of amazing chicken sausage and some kind of carb. The best was the french toast (which was gorgeous, thick slices of bread) but the blueberry waffles were also pretty great. Keith had told us of the wonders of the breakfast table, and he was right. Many good chats were had with strangers over the breakfast table. We met an American woman who lives in Ethiopia as an aid worker and was visiting DC to discuss a new job placement, a young couple who was returning from a summer-long research stint at Oxford, a young man who had been selected by Pokemon to commentate their world championships which were occurring in DC that week, and two Canadian girls who were doing an American road trip before university started back.

Throughout our stay, Keith was a fount of information on sites to visit and how to best get there. Piglet and I both were amazed at the B&B and Keith’s hospitality and cannot recommend this B&B enough. If you’re going to DC, this is the place to stay.



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