Lincoln Memorial at Night.

Piglet and I agreed that we thought the magic time to visit Honest Abe was at night. So we waited for the cover of darkness and then went out in search of him.


Basically, we were right. In the daylight, this memorial is just like all of the others. At night, it really comes to life. The dramatic lighting really is phenomenal.

IMG_0203 IMG_1969 IMG_0205 When you get to the top of the steps, you can stand exactly where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood when he gave his most iconic speech. Looking out into the darkness, trying to imagine how awe-inspiring that crowd would have been was incredible.IMG_1972 IMG_0212 IMG_1962 IMG_0207 Piglet and I agreed that we liked the way it looks as if Abe is about to stand up from his chair and smack his errant children.IMG_0211 IMG_0210 I loved that this guy was kneeling next to his daughter and reading President Lincoln’s second inaugural address. No doubt explaining every couple of words.IMG_1963 IMG_0213 IMG_1964 IMG_0214 Piglet thinks I’m a shockingly slow reader. I turned around after I finished reading and caught her in the act of instagramming.IMG_0215 After having our fill of reading and standing at the feet of Abe Lincoln, we went for a wee walk around the outside.IMG_1978 IMG_1975 IMG_1977They have a pretty cool exhibit on the plaza level (with an elevator to make the memorial handicap accessible).


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