Evening Stroll to the Mall.

After dinner one night, Piglet and I decided we were in desperate need of a nice long walk. We headed from the restaurant in Chinatown down to the National Mall by way of the most famous address in America.


IMG_1835 We stumbled upon the Treasury Department.IMG_1837 And then the White House.IMG_1838 I’m not sure how unpatriotic this is to say, but both Piglet and I were rather underwhelmed by the White House. It’s much smaller than it appears in the movies.IMG_1841 And then, right next door to the White House, you can find the Eisenhower Executive Offices. Which are rather overwhelming.IMG_1843 IMG_1844 You have to walk around to the backside of the White House to catch this view.IMG_1846 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 If you wander down the National Mall for a wee bit, then you see the enormity of the Washington Monument.IMG_1850 Heading back towards the metro, you’ll pass the National Archives.IMG_1851 With its fantastic columns.IMG_1852 IMG_1853After all of that, Piglet and I decided we had easily worked off lunch AND dinner, and so we headed back to our hotel for a hot bath and a long sleep.


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