Dim Sum in DC

Our first night in the capital, Piglet and I decided to go on a huge culinary adventure and get some dim sum. I had dim sum with Kiwi in London several years ago, and haven’t found a dim sum place since. I was practically bouncing with excitement when we walked up to Ping Pong.  We started with the important part, happy hour cocktails. I opted for the Ping Pong….which was weird. Piglet got the hibiscus mojito, which won the cocktails part of the evening.

Our server was extremely helpful and guided us through ordering dim sum – (similar to ordering tapas, order a bunch). Piglet and I decided to eat “family style” and share everything. We chose:

Char Sui Bun (BBQ Pork Bun). I love this dish because I love the sticky, bready taste.BBQ Pork Bun

Fried Chili Calamari. The calamari was well-cooked and not rubbery. In fact, it was quite buttery. Also, sweet chili sauce. I love sweet chili.
Fried Chili CalamariXiao Long Bao (Bursting Soup Dumplings). There’s a bit of meat inside, but also soupy goodness that bursts when you eat it. This one you have to eat all in one go because of the soup.xiao long boa These are a Shanghai delicacy (Kiwi’s favorite). I think these might also be my favorite,me with dim sumCrispy Duck Spring Rolls. These were on point.crispy duck spring rollsSpinach and Mushroom Dumplings. These were super delicious. I’m not sure how traditional they are, but top marks from us. Piglet loved these ones the best. Spinach and Mushroom dumpling Scallop and Shiitake Dumplings, steamed. These were also great. The scallop was perfectly cooked.Scallop and shiitakeDim Sum is officially Piglet-approved!

Piglet approvesPing Pong does fantastic happy hour from 4-7pm with $5.00 cocktails and some dim sum dishes. I highly recommend checking out Ping Pong. There are two locations in Washington, D.C.

Have you been for dim sum? What are your favorites?



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