Fellini’s Pizza.

One of my favorite quick and easy places to get lunch here in Atlanta is Fellini’s Pizza. There are only 7 locations, but it feels like you are never very far from one. Fellini’s is fast casual New York-style pizza or calzones. You walk in the door and place your order at the counter. They give you one of these:

fellini's signand bring your food when it’s ready. Probably the best part about Fellini’s is that you can order pizza by the slice. You can get only what you want and only as much as you want. Same goes for their calzones. As a serious onion-hater, I love it. It’s also relatively cheap, which is something else I can get behind.

Today I went for a calzone.

calzoneThey filled mine to the brim with spinach, mushrooms, pepperoni, garlic, olives and cheese.calzoneTheir whole pizzas and calzones are made to order, which makes them infinitely better than the slices (which are still pretty good). But if you’ve got a craving for a slice or two, Fellini’s has got you covered. The slices are from a large cheese pizza that gets mostly cooked ahead of time, then they throw your toppings and a little extra cheese on top and cook it up good.

calzoneDoesn’t that make you drool just looking at it?


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