M.Stewart’s Magic (Cauliflower) Mash

A few weeks ago, M.Stewart made the most amazing cauliflower mash. We were right in the middle of our Fed Up challenge, and I was hankering for mashed potatoes. These kicked my craving to the curb.

mashed cauliflower

And I daresay these are even better than traditional potato mash. I really like that the Brits (and possibly the rest of the Commonwealth, for all I know) call it mash. Way easier than us Americans and our mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower.

Ever since, I’ve been working on getting M.Stewart to show me her magic tricks that she used on that cauliflower so that I can do it (and so can you)!

To make this deliciousness you’ll need:

1 head of cauliflower

3-4 tbsp of butter

2-4 oz of Philadelphia cream cheese

~2 tbsp of heavy cream

salt and pepper to taste

And a food processor to make this easy peasy.

To start, cut your cauliflower into large chunks for steaming. Cut out the green leafy bits and the core of the cauliflower, as they tend to be the most bitter tasting part of the cauliflower.

whole cauliflower head cauliflower chunks

Pop them into a pot with boiling water (and a steamer bit) and let them enjoy their sauna for about 5-7 minutes or until it is fork tender (into the stemmy hard bit).

steaming cauliflower

Slowly add the cauliflower to the food processor and pulse blend it so that all the big bits get pulverized. While you’re doing this, add in the butter, heavy cream and cream cheese so it gets melty and blends easier.

food processor and ingredients butter and cream cheese cauliflower in food processor cauliflower in food processor cauliflower in food processor cauliflower in food processor

When you’ve got everything in the processor, turn the sucker on so it purées everything into mashed potato consistency.

cauliflower in food processor

Transfer from processor to pretty bowl and voilà! Yummy mash that is just as tasty as traditional mash and way less heavy/bad for you.

mashed cauliflower

Top your cauliflower mash with anything that you would like on mashed potatoes or grits. Cheese and bacon are personal favorites.

M.Stewart says that she has found smaller and whiter cauliflowers to have the best flavor, while the larger cauliflowers tend to be a little more bitter.


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