After Elle spent a few weeks in Sierra Leone, we met up in Bruxelles (or Brussels, for you English speakers) for a few days to catch up on life. One of the places we read about an knew we had to get to was L’Archiduc.L'Archiduc facade L’Archiduc is an Art Deco jazz bar that was created in 1937.  I mean check out the door from the inside! After a while, there was a bouncer chilling in the little vestibule checking IDs.

Front door L'archiducThey still have jazz and an impressive cocktail menu.L'archiduc menu L'archiduc menu L'archiduc menuWe decided to start with the Cointreau-Teese. Which was pretty fantastic and went down very easily and very quickly.
cointreau-teese After the Cointreau-Teese, we decided to order different drinks. Elle opted for the vin chaud (or mulled wine). This was delicious.L'archiduc mulled wineI had just finished watching “Love Affair” right before I went to Bruxelles, and so I decided to be brave and try the champagne cocktail. It was really pretty….but didn’t taste very good. No wonder people don’t order this anymore.
L'archiduc champagne cocktailL’Archiduc is a seriously cool place and would be perfect for a date with a special someone. The atmosphere is amazing. And it’s like every single couple or group there is in their own little world. The prices are a little high (to someone coming from Texas where cocktails are relatively cheap) but worth it. Except the champagne cocktail. Defo give that one a miss.



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