Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Or as most people call it, Five Guys. Five Guys is a national chain, available in almost every state plus a few locations in Canada and the UK (which I think really means England, but we won’t get into that).

When you walk in, there is a huge menu sign hanging over the cash registers. They have a very extensive list of things you can get on your burger (or hot dog, if you’re that way inclined).
20140605-144456-53096615.jpgAfter you place your order, they’ll tell you your number and wait for them to call it out. At which point they will hand you a brown paper bag of goodness.

20140605-144457-53097515.jpgA quick peek inside will reveal the yumminess that you are soon to enjoy. Also, how is any human supposed to eat all of those fries? I have no idea.20140605-144458-53098413.jpgI decided to live a little and got the little bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, mayo, mushrooms and jalapeños.20140605-144459-53099269.jpgMy feast!20140605-144500-53100149.jpg20140605-144501-53101090.jpgI really enjoy Five Guys. They have really great quality and are reliable. There’s never a day when you go in and think “what on earth happened to my burger?” The price is pretty awesome for what you get as well, my lunch was $11 after tax.

Two tips for your trip to Five Guys:

  1. “Little” means single patty, (cheese)burger means double meat.
  2. The little fry is meant to serve 1 person, but will easily serve 2. The regular will serve 3-4. And I don’t even know about the large – you probably get an entire bag of fries for that!
  3. Get the cajun fries, not the regular. The cajun fries are tossed with a little seasoning to give them a nice, but not super spicy flavor.
  4. This is not the place to bring someone with a peanut allergy. The fries are fried in peanut oil and there are bags of peanuts for people to munch on while they wait for their food. And sometimes people throw some peanut shells on the floor cause they were raised by wolves in a barn.



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