Wayfaring in Faro.

Faro is the big brother next door to Olhão and easily accessible via bus or taxi. We took a day to go and explore the bigger city (although still not what I would classify as a big city, by any means). Faro definitely had more in the way of entertainment for younger people (i.e. bars and clubs). We weren’t that fussed with that and decided to just get lost and see the city by foot.
favorite building

yellow and white building arco da vila old building city building city building side We stumbled upon a church that had a bell tower that you could go up and see Faro from the rooftops.belltowerShould we go up these kinda creepy stairs towards the light? Yeah? Okay!
creepy stairs The views were pretty much stunning.view from bell tower view from bell tower faro faro bells faro from bell tower view from faro bell tower view from faro bell tower 2 Ginger on rooftoporange trees church in faroAfter seeing the city from above, we decided it was high time to check out the chapel inside.

inside faro church chapel faro inside chapel in faro inside faro church faro chapel altar exit of faro chapel inside faro church exit the church looking back to the church in faro ginger under orange treewooden door Look at this cutie just sitting on a bench!puppy on a bench winding streets of faro i love you Randomly, there was a compass on the ground. In case we got lost? But I’m not sure how much good cardinal directions would have done us! I can’t tell the directions at the best of times, let alone when I’m lost!tiled compass fortifications cactus fortifications yellow building green door blue tiles I would love a patio like this!awesome patio red windowpanes street in faro faro fortifications street in faro faro street Then we stumbled upon a small gazebo that was just randomly in the middle of a square.ginger onstage cidade de faro DSC01598We had a blast wandering around Faro. Just like Olhão, Faro is very walkable. Not once did we wish for a taxi or even a bike! Faro is bigger than Olhão, but the people were just as friendly. Not once did we get rebuffed for not speaking Portuguese or for being Americans (although in truth, I have very rarely experienced that). Faro and Olhão are both destinations that are cheap to get to (from within Europe via a budget airline) and cheap to be in. The two of us could frequently dine for well under €20 for each meal. In fact, I’m not sure we spent more than €20 on any of our meals in Portugal.



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