Fed Up.

Last weekend, Fronzel, M.Stewart and I went to the movies to see the new film Fed Up. The film is a documentary about added sugar and how sugar is the main culprit in the cause of the obesity epidemic (and pretty much every other metabolic disease). My mom has been diabetic for about 6 years now, but I sadly am not very well versed in the effects of sugar on your body.  Well, healthy things in general are not my forte.

SugarNamesOne startling statistic from the film is that in America, there are 600,000 food products available in grocery stores. 80% of them have added sugar. Why? So it tastes yummy and we eat more of it. Now, they have started to hide sugar under different names in products so that people who aren’t super well informed will never know. Sneaky jerks!

Here are the recommended daily allowances of sugar:


At the end of the film, they issue a challenge. Go 10 days without any added sugar. Which basically means go 10 days with eating clean and preparing whole foods for you and yours.

M.Stewart, Fronzel and I (under the guidance of M.Stewart who has experience with these things) decided to take it a step further. We are doing a 10 day challenge of making sure all sugars are under the recommended daily allowance (which is about 25 grams, according to the WHO). We are also looking at what your body turns to sugar (bread, pasta, rice, all of the good things in life) and limiting those to around 30 grams.

How did we prepare?

On Sunday afternoon, we did a meal plan for the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and went to the grocery store to stock up on approved foods. Fronzel hid all of the sugar added foods that were in the pantry high up where it would take a lot of time and effort to get them down (hopefully we will feel silly enough climbing around the kitchen and have enough time to talk ourselves out of the craving).

How is it going?

So here we are on Day 5. All three of us have stuck to the challenge (even after a really rough day of sadness) and are feeling just fine. I am still in a bit of a sugar haze – I just feel a bit off. I don’t have headaches anymore (which I had been having terrible headaches for the last two weeks straight). I’m also down 3 lbs (nearly 1.5 kg) since we started this Monday.

What about cravings?

The only craving I have is for Coke. More than one of my healthy friends have commented on “me and my Cokes”…so I guess I have a problem with them! I had a craving for mashed potatoes yesterday, so I asked M.Stewart to make mashed cauliflower. And it was amazing. Killed my craving stone dead.

What else have you been doing to curb the cravings and sugar withdrawals?

I have been slamming water like it is going out of style – I’m talking 5-6 half liter (22 oz) water bottles every single day. It’s crazy!

I’m pretty sure this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I am cheating on the sugar ever so slightly with my water. I’ve been adding Mio and diluting juice from Scotland that Rambo brings me which do have “no added sugar” but when you look at the nutrition label there is some sugar albeit a negligible amount. But! Even with that sugar, I’ve still come in under the 25 grams of sugar everyday of the challenge (according to MyFitness Pal). So I’m not all that concerned. And drinking Mio and diluting juice water is better that drinking Coke.

Fed Up doesn’t have a wide release yet, so check the website for a list of theatres showing the film.

Have you seen Fed Up? What were your thoughts? Were there any stats that you found shocking? Are you part of the #FedUpChallenge?


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