Checking out Olhão.

Anxious to get our first overseas trip under our belts, we looked forward to when our first long weekend would be and where we could go for cheap. We landed on a sale by Ryanair for plane tickets to Faro, Portugal. We booked them immediately and then worked on hotels. We found a nice place to stay in the next town over, called Olhão. We spent most of our time in Olhão, only venturing into Faro one day.

olhao sign

View from our roomOlhão is a really great, sleepy little town. There weren’t a ton of bars or clubs. Nor were there sights like the Tower of London or the Eiffel Tower. But Olhão is steeped in history and other beautiful buildings. We spent several days walking through the winding streets seeing what we discovered at the ends.

white building maroon doors church green building white building 2 lighthouse painting olhao market in olhao view in olhao park in olhao palm trees in olhao I’m pretty sure this is what paradise looks like.port of olhao modern building

At one of the restaurants we ate at, they introduced us to Vinho Verde or green wine, in English. Well, green wine is the literal translation, the best translation is “young wine”. It’s called young wine because it is intended to be consumed within one year of bottling. It can be any kind of wine – red, white, rosé. We had a white version and it was wine

I had a blast in Olhão. It was peaceful and beautiful. Our hotel had a rooftop terrace, so we frequently did our schoolwork up there.

If you’re looking for a place to go crazy and party, Olhão is not the pace for you. But if you’re in need of a relaxing vacation and you like to experience things as a local, then I highly recommend Olhão.



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