Ethiopia in Atlanta.

Well, I guess we were technically in North Druid Hills…but we were inside the perimeter so that’s Atlanta for me!

I made my first friend here in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and we had our first date on Saturday. It was pretty much one of the best days I’ve had since moving to Atlanta. Rain and I went to the movies to see the film “The Other Woman”. It was exactly as terrible as we hoped it would be! I don’t recommend paying to see this movie. It was nice to laugh at how terrible the writing (and basic plot line) was, but not $8 funny.

Queen of Sheba Table

After our movie, we went to a late lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant. We had initially planned on going to a different one, but I got a little lost (that’s what I get for pretending like I can get places without GPS!) and when we turned around, we saw the Queen of Sheba staring us in the face. So we decided to check it out.

Rain had eaten at an Ethiopian restaurant before, but I hadn’t because no one else was adventurous enough to try it with me. Sad day for them! Queen of Sheba was pretty much amazing. Since Rain is a vegetarian, we had a veggie lunch!

Rain @ QueenofSheba

We started with Sambussas. Hilariously, Rain was questioning the waitress if they were like samosas. When she said yes, Rain followed up with “Like Punjabi samosas?” The girl nodded and so we agreed. I learned two things from this experience. A) there are different kinds of samosas – named for the region they come from; B) Sambussas are not like Punjabi samosas. Our verdict was that they were good, but there was nothing for the lentils to stick together with. So one of us (totally not me) had a lentil explosion.

Sambussa Sambussas Sheba Sambussa Ethiopian Sambussa

In the back of a menu was a veggie platter for $18 for two people of like all the different vegetarian curries. Obvi, this was the best choice for us! I can’t recall what all of them were, so I’m relying on the website’s list of curries.

vegetarian curries veggie curries rain with ethiopian curries

Yemesirwot (Split red lentil simmered in red pepper sauce), Yekik Alitcha (Split chick-peas cooked in mild sauce with garlic, ginger and onion), Yegomen Wot (Chopped collared greens simmered in mild sauce with garlic, ginger, onion and green chillies), Tikel Gomen (Cabbage, potato and carrot simmered in wild sauce with garlic, ginger, onion and green chillies). There was one with chopped collard greens and tofu that was the best.


And then there is the bread – injera. Injera is like fermented sourdough pancakes. They are spongy and a little sour and awesome. There is a HUGE piece of injera underneath all of the curries which sops up all the yummy juices. And then you get a plate of injera to eat your lunch with. Cause you don’t get any forks or spoons.

pinch and stuff pinching demonstration

You rip off a bit of injera and pinch some curry up (just like with naan in Indian cuisine or tortillas in Mexican cuisine) and pop it in your mouth! I must say, I am a fan of this method of food transportation.

highly recommend Queen of Sheba if you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure.



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