Travel Tip #9.

Don’t ask too many questions about food.

You’d be surprised at the foods you’ll be willing to eat if you don’t know what it is before you eat it. My number one rule when eating is not to ask what something is. You’re less likely to offend someone by making faces when they say something like “Escargot is snails, ma’am” – this isn’t something I’ve personally experienced, but I can only imagine someone’s face as the Parisian waiter explains. Also, you won’t loudly proclaim that “There is no way in hell I’m eating something with bunny rabbit in it!” as one girl did on our trip to Poland.

A couple of things I probably would have been a little freaked out about was the rétes or májas hurka in Hungary. Or black pudding or haggis in Scotland. All of which are delicious and you’ll be sorry you missed out when you get home.

Obviously, if you have food allergies this is a bit more difficult. My advice to those who suffer from food allergies is to ask if (insert whatever you’re allergic to) is in the dish.


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