The General.

Muir, to be exact. When Rambo and I were here visiting back in January, M.Stewart and Fronzel took us to Empire State South for brunch. Some of their friends had recently discovered another amazing place for brunch that we quickly decided we needed to investigate more thoroughly, called The General Muir. They have a really interesting story behind the name if you’re interested in that kind of thing.IMG_0023

Rambo quickly decreed that this was an acceptable place to brunch since none of the dishes had too many strange ingredients (unlike Empire State South, which required some convincing for him). Although he did quickly surmise that The General Muir had a distinct Jewish influence – it’s reminiscent of the Jewish delis from New York. Which is a-ok in my book!

my mocha

We started with their pastry basket. You get 4 massive pastries (all of which we split into quarters to share). We identified a cinnamon bun and a cheese danish, but there were two others which were super tasty. That cinnamon bun may be the best I’ve ever had – it was warm and sweet without being covered in icing and like a dessert. The pastry that was like a muffin with sugar on top was my favorite though.

enormous pastries

The hard part was decided what to get. Rambo went for the Smoked Hash which had crisped pastrami, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, caramelized onions, sunny eggs.

IMG_0028Rambo said that this was super yummy. I snagged a bit of pastrami and it was so flavorful.

IMG_0033 IMG_0034

I opted for the more interesting Poached Eggs and Grits which was made with gruyere, roast mushrooms, madeira sauce, toast sticks.


The grits were amazing. I loved that a bite of the grits still had all of the flavors of the madeira sauce and mushrooms and cheese. It was rich without being overwhelming. The eggs were poached to perfection. My only dislike was the toast sticks – cause they were made of rye bread. But that’s my because of my personal beef with rye bread…IMG_0035 IMG_0036M.Stewart opted for the Reuben. Which we all agreed may be the best Reuben any of us has ever eaten.


Fronzel chose the burger because it sounded delicious to him. M.Stewart did chide him a little for not getting something more brunch-y or unique to General Muir’s. Fronzel said his burger was just as delicious as he thought it would be.


I find it kind of hard to compare The General Muir to Empire State South. For me, Empire State South is a bit fancier (both in the decor and ingredients) whereas The General Muir is more like a local deli that you can just pop in for some lunch. The prices are comparative – about $10 per person for food and upwards of $5 per for drinks. I’m defo keen to go back and try more of their lunch fare (and the bagels which looked yummy).



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