La Sagrada Família.

One of Antoni Gaudí’s most famous works is La Sagrada Família in Barcelona. La Sagrada Família is the church that Gaudí started designing, but he died before it was finished. So various architects since his death have worked to complete the design of the church in the way they believe he had intended. So it’s become a bit of a mish-mash of different designs and styles.

It’s highly recommended that you buy tickets online, because the queues at Sagrada are massive. We opted for the tickets that included the elevator ride up the tower (the views from Sagrada are amazing) which cost about €20 (just under $30). The only downside is you take a very slim circular staircase back down from the tower. So if you’re claustrophobic or have a problem with lots of stairs, that is probably not the option for you. (Also, there’s no room for you to step to the side and have people pass you – but the other visitors are probably to some extent struggling with the stairs too.) There’s also a pretty informative museum that you have access to while you wait for the elevators.

For me, La Sagrada Família remains one of the best things to see in Barcelona. I would absolutely carve time out to spend an afternoon here. There are some parts of the cathedral that require modest clothing and there’s a rather gruff man who will tell you that you’re not allowed in if you’re wearing shorts or a sleeveless top.


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