Paté Picnic

One of my favourite foods from France is paté. Yes, it’s totally weird. But, it’s also totally delicious.

M. Stewart and Fronzel went to a French restaurant in downtown Decatur last weekend and came home raving about it. Obviously, I made Rambo take me there on a date night. Café Alsace is a restaurant that serves food from the region of Alsace (i.e. French and German food). I’m a bad blogger, and totally forgot to take photos of the amazing food. I had spaetzle with mushrooms and Rambo had three kinds of sausage with sauerkraut. I’m already working on trying to recreate my spaetzle cause it was pretty much amazing.

Luckily, I made Rambo buy paté for us to take home and have a paté picnic. Benedicte makes the paté fresh every week and sells it as a starter or by the pound to take home.

Ok, so part of the reason I made Rambo get the paté was because I was intrigued by the concept of a pound of paté. I was curious what a whole pound of paté looked like! Basically, like heaven wrapped in saran wrap (cling film).

The other part of the reason is because I love paté and it’s so hard to find it here in the States. Well, maybe it won’t be so hard here in Atlanta, but it was incredibly hard to find in Texas.

This paté was amazing. I wasn’t very good at sharing with Rambo! Admittedly, the paté is pretty pricey ($30 after tax for one pound) – but I reckon it’s totally worth it. I will happily buy more of Benedicte’s paté when this pound runs out (which may or may not happen in a matter of days). If you’ve never had paté, Café Alsace is a pretty great place to start. But I reckon getting it as a starter is probably a safer (and cheaper) bet – not that I think you won’t like it. You’re gonna love it.



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