The Pantheon.

And now for something that was high on Rambo’s list: The Pantheon. Rambo isn’t super keen on modern history, ancient history is what really interests him. He’s kind enough to humor me in my love of modern European history (20th century, mainly), so I try to return the kindness when I can. When we decided to go to Rome, The Pantheon was the one thing Rambo insisted we go to see.

The Pantheon sits at the heart of the Piazza della Rotonda. It was originally a temple for the gods of Ancient Rome, and now it’s been repurposed into a Catholic church.

The Pantheon is rather small, but worth a looksie. The acoustics were pretty incredible. The echoes in the building were stunning – I can’t imagine what mass is like in there. I can only imagine it is majestic.


What do you think?

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