The Pope’s House.

While we were in Rome, one of the things that was really high on my list was going to the Vatican. I love grand religious buildings. Especially ones steeped in history and opulent enough for royalty and heads of state. We went on a guided tour with the tour guide we found at the Colosseum, Elaine Adams.

Rambo was put off that the Pope didn’t invite us in for tea, and started slagging him off on facebook. God apparently wasn’t too keen on that, because as soon as Rambo posted it, a massive thunderstorm appeared that lasted for the rest of the afternoon. We were stranded for a while before we gave in and bought a €3 umbrella from the wee men that had formerly been attempting to sell other souvenirs.

I loved touring the Vatican. Our tour guide was really knowledgeable and gave us lots of historical information. St. Peter’s Basilica was stunning, but the Sistine Chapel was breath-taking. We got to spend several minutes in there just soaking it in.


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