Il Colosseo.

Rambo and I were lucky enough to book a hotel just down the road from one of Rome’s most iconic features: The Colosseum or il Colosseo, in Italian. We were more than happy to walk by the Colosseum everyday on our way into town. Some people may think it’s overrated, but I found it beautiful and interesting and wonderful. Yeah, it was crammed with tourists everyday (that’s what we get for going in the middle of August, eh?) but it is so massive that there was room for everyone. We did something that I normally would never do (cause I’m a ‘fraidy cat of scalpers and/or people ripping me off) – we agreed to hand over cash to these random people with less-than-official looking badges who said they were arranging guided tours for the Colosseum and Colle Palatino (Palatine Hill). We decided to go for it, and it was worth it. We didn’t have to wait in the queue to buy tickets for the Colosseum, and we had someone to tell us about all of the things. I love having a person tell me about stuff.

Regardless, The Colosseum was totally worth it. And the bonus tour for Palatine Hill was really interesting too! It was led by a British ex-pat who moved to Rome with her husband ages ago. Plus, she does a tour of The Vatican, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow!

Update: The name of the tour guide for Palatine Hill and The Vatican was Elaine Adams. She was absolutely amazing.


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  1. […] While we were in Rome, one of the things that was really high on my list was going to the Vatican. I love grand religious buildings. Especially ones steeped in history and opulent enough for royalty and heads of state. We went on a guided tour with the tour guide we found at the Colosseum. […]

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