Travel Tip #8

Since I’ve been talking about budget airlines, I’m going to stay on that subject with this one. Check out where the airport is in relation to the city.

On more than one occasion, I’ve fallen prey to this trap and booked that insanely cheap flight only to spend 2 hours on the train getting to the airport and another hour (or more) getting from the airport to the city. For me, travel time is too valuable to waste so much on traveling to and from airports. This gripe/advice comes only for when there are closer airports that service some budget airlines, but not others. In most cases, the budget airline flights from normal airports were more expensive, but still cheap. Comparing £10 ($15) plus stupid amounts of travel time with £30 ($50) and easy peasy travel time.

Ryanair is particularly bad for having airports that need lots of extra time and use of more public transport than others. Frankfurt Hahn, for instance, requires a lengthy bus ride (I remember it being more than 30 minutes) from the center of Frankfurt. Whereas Frankfurt International is like 10 minutes on the subway. Prestwick, the budget airport for Glasgow, is like 2 hours on a train from the city center. Glasgow International (and heck, even Edinburgh International) are 15  and 45 minutes, respectively.

This is totally a personal choice as to whether you’d rather spend a little bit more (now don’t forget you need to factor the cost of these extra public transport rides into the cost of your flight in addition to bag fees) on plane tickets and have more time at your destination or not. But it’s definitely better to know beforehand how long it will take, eh?


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